Naso Evangelou-Oost


General Purpose South 78-414

The University of Queensland

St Lucia, Qld 4067

I’m Naso Evangelou-Oost, a third-year PhD Candidate at the University of Queensland, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS). My academic journey is deeply rooted in a fascination with mathematics and computer science, leading me to explore intricate realms like valuation algebras and sheaf theory.

PhD Candidate - The University of Queensland, EECS

In the world of concurrent and distributed systems, complexity abounds. Through my PhD research, I’ve sought to illuminate this complexity by applying valuation algebras and sheaf theory to formal methods. My work is driven not only by intellectual curiosity but by a genuine desire to enhance the efficiency and reliability of the digital infrastructure that connects our world.

Research Interests:

  • Valuation Algebras: A foundation that allows me to explore abstract algebraic structures with a broad range of applications.
  • Sheaf Theory: A powerful tool for understanding local behaviours in mathematical contexts, a concept that greatly enriches my studies.
  • Formal Methods: Investigating precise ways of specifying and verifying complex software systems to ensure their correct operation.
  • Concurrent and Distributed Systems: Striving to make the technology that underpins modern life more robust and resilient.

Founder - Oneironaut

Beyond academia, I’m the founder of Oneironaut, a mathematical software consultancy. Here, I combine my passions for category theory, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and functional programming to create tailor-made solutions to complex problems. It’s not about using the latest buzzwords or tech trends; it’s about applying deep mathematical insight to real-world challenges in knowledge representation & reasoning and predictive analytics.

Oneironaut is an embodiment of my commitment to innovative thinking, enabling me to craft bespoke solutions that are both effective and novel. My work serves as a bridge between abstract theory and practical application, and I continually strive to translate mathematical concepts into tangible value for my clients.

Selected publications

  1. Trace Models of Concurrent Valuation Algebras
    Naso Evangelou-Oost, Larissa Meinicke, Callum Bannister, and 1 more author
    In Formal Methods and Software Engineering, 2023
  2. Contextuality in Distributed Systems
    Nasos Evangelou-Oost, Callum Bannister, and Ian J. Hayes
    In Relational and Algebraic Methods in Computer Science, 2023